"The Legacy Of Promise"

Keeping Your Family History Alive By Leaving A Legacy And Vowing To That Promise!

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       "The Me I Never Was"

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 Let me guide you gently into the arms of the One and only love. The greatest love you will experience in your growing conscious state of mind, a love that will manifest into your earthly life and take your hand in gentle guidance. This true and pure love is the "Love of God." 

Francine C. Still Hicks





 "The Legacy of Promise" brings inspirational stories of my forefather’s journey out of enslavement into a victorious success of seeing their dreams come to fruition. While laying foundations into their legacy, they created a baton to be passed onto me, my sons and family members.

My great-great grandfather Dr. James Still was born in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. His parents fought their way up to New Jersey out of slavery. James Still had a vision dream at the age of five years old. He wanted to become a doctor when he grew up into manhood. Never letting go of that dream he trudged through poverty - and prejudice, until his dream was fulfilled.

Today in 2015 we must keep the dreams of our youth alive! Putting our hope - and faith into action we will learn to believe in ourselves. Our aspirations will grow into expectations - and our expectations will bring our desires to a reality! 

We ask the questions, "If I work hard enough can I rise above the economy? Will someone recognize me? Will somebody hear me? I have a dream and a story to be told... who will guide me?" These questions are asked everyday in every race, creed - and color. I know... I have asked these questions myself.

This inspirational, motivational story of Dr. James Still will move mountains for people, it has for me. 

As “The Legacy of Promise” grows into a family, we will motivate - and inspire everyone who is in search of their own gifts - and talents within. Once the hidden gifts are revealed - we as an earthly family, will begin to nurture our talents into perfection. We will educate, inspire, motivate each other as we build towards our desired dreams in life as humanity!

The day we were born we became a legacy - and there is no one else like you on this planet earth! The paths of our destiny is laying before us - and all the tools we need are lying within us. All we must do is become aligned with our Source within - and there we will  connect with Providence.


 The Bridge

 Francine C. Still Hicks


    Life Is For Those Who Succeeds  In What Their Purpose Was Born To Be... Find It!                

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 The Me I Never Was Book Launch Party (part I)

I love to laugh - I enjoy life to the fullest. To enjoy life to the fullest I must know who I am. Knowing myself I will find "Truth!"

"The Me I Never Was" unveils the journey we must take to know who we are inside.  It takes you back into memory, recovering - and unveiling our hidden purposes for being born in this life time.  Find who you are inside - and you will find ecstasy in "Truth!"

Francine C. Still Hicks
The Me I Never Was
Published by Balboa Press Division of Hay House Publishing


Book Launch Party at Barnes & Noble 

911 Haddonfield Rd.

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